How to Choose Colored Wigs Correctly?

As autumn coming, colored hair wig become more and more popular among many black women, they want to choose a colored wig to make their look more fashion and attractive. If you also look for a suitable wig for autumn look, please follow, let us show you all some tips on how to choose the colored hair wig.

First at all, let us get to know what is colored hair wig. Usually colored hair wig refer to the ombre color hair wig, piano color hair wig and pure colored hair wig. If you are not familiar with these three kinds of colored hair wig, let us show you all some examples, for ombre color hair wig, like 1b/4/27 color wig, for piano color hair wig, like p4/27 highlight color wig, for pure colored hair wig, like 613 blonde color. After checking these examples, we believe you will have a basic knowledge about the colored hair wig.

Now it is Ishow hair back to school sale, let us also introduce you what colored hair wig on sale now in our store, first, it is the p4/27 color wig, which is our hot selling hair wig, including straight, body wave, deep wave and loose deep four styles, lace frontal, lace closure, T lace part,made wig with bangs and bob hair wig five wig types, second, it is blonde 613 color hair wig, including straight and body wave two styles, lace frontal, lace closure , T lace part and bob hair wig four wig types, third, it is 99j burgundy color, including machine made wig with bangs and t lace part two wig types, fourth, it is ginger color, including machine made wig with bangs, fifth, it is 1b/4/27 ombre color, including machine made wig with bangs, all these five colored hair wigs on sale, you can choose as the following tips.

1 Choose colored hair wig as your complexion

It is very important to choose a hair wig according to your complexion, if hair wig color match with your complexion correctly, it can add extra points to your look. Usually there are three major complexion with African women , it is light brown, middle brown and dark brown color. First tip, we advise that you choose a more lighter colored hair wig compare with your skin color, then it can your look more active and young. Second tip, if you are light brown color, you can choose pure colored hair wig, like 613 color, you can dye any color you want, if you are middle brown and dark brown skin color, you can choose ombre color hair wig or piano color hair wig, these two kind of colored wig are mix color wig, it can your skin looks more brighter, make you looks more beautiful.

2 Choose correct length colored hair wig

If you like the pure colored hair wig, like red, ginger or yellow, want your look more active, short length wig will be a great choice, you can use the short hair wig to make bob style look. Otherwise, if you want your look more mature and grace, long inch, the over 20 inch length is great for you, you can use it to make half up half down look. All in all, hope these two tips are useful for you.

Ishow hair back to school sale going on, many colored hair wig on sale, hope you can find one in our store.