How to Choose and Style Wavy Hair in Summer?

Wavy hair has always been a sign of fashion style, it can make your look more charming and attractive. If you also look for a back to school style, we recommend the wavy hair. Choose and style the wavy hair maybe a difficult thing for some girls, today let us show you all some tips on this.

What is wavy hair?

Talking about wavy hair, what style look show up in your mind? Big “S” wavy pattern hair or others, wavy hair is one kind of curly style hair which own big and bouncy wavy pattern, it can be styled into other different styles you want.

How to choose wavy hair?

Firstly, make sure what wavy pattern do you want. For wavy hair, there are three common wavy patterns, it is body wave, loose wave, loose deep wave. If you are a beginner with wavy hair, we recommend that you start with body wave hair, body wave have a big “S” and loose wavy pattern, it can be styled easily. You can choose get hair bundle or wig, if you want hair bundle, you can consider take three bundles with one lace closure or frontal which take you a full look, otherwise, for wig, lace frontal wig or lace closure wig will be a good choice for you.

If you have familiar with wavy hair, new style-loose wave and loose deep wave will be great for you, these two styles hair have a more curly and bouncy wave pattern, the wavy pattern can keep longer time, when you style these two hair, we advise that you use flat iron or flexi curing rods.

Secondly, make sure what length do you want. For wavy hair, there are 8-28 inch length available in Ishow hair store. If you want long and grace look, we believe 20-28 inch length more suitable for you, also long inch hair is more easily to make different hair styles. Otherwise, short inch length 8-18 inch hair can make you more pretty and cute, even young. You can choose the length as your like.

How to style wavy hair?

For wavy hair styling, there are some tips, before that, let us recommend some hair styles to you. First, long and high ponytail hair style, second, half ponytail hair style, these two hair styles are great with long inch hair, third, short curly bob hair style.

Here are some tips on wavy hair styling, firstly, keep wavy pattern correctly, before you install the hair unit, you can use flat iron, style hair pieces by pieces, it can keep your hair curly pattern long time, and before you go to sleep, take off the hair unit,use flexi rods roll these hair by small pieces, if it is difficult for you to take off the hair, you can wear a sleeping cap, you can try these ways, it can keep your hair in good and bouncy pattern. Secondly, make co-wash hair frequently,we recommend twice one week.Hope these tips are useful for you.

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