How to Care Your Curly Hair Wig

Nowadays, curly style hair wig has been the famous item, many customers come to Ishow hair website, check this kind of style hair wig with us, Considering curly hair wig, what kind of look do you think about, the very bouncy hair look, or very curly style hair look, or the S style hair look. Whatever you want, the curly style hair wig can meet your needs. If you also have interest with this kind of hair wig, let us show you some important information on different kinds of curly hair wigs and how to care your curly hair wig.

First, talking about curly style human hair wig, what kind of hair wig will show in your brain, for example, the body wave hair wig, loose deep wave hair wig, deep wave hair wig, curly hair wig, water wave hair wig and loose wave hair wig,for all these hair wigs, which one do you prefer, if you have no idea with these hair wigs, let us recommend the loose deep wave hair wig-which is one of best selling hair wig in our store, it can take you a very bouncy and smooth look, let your look more gorgeous and beautiful.

Second, let us show you all some important tips on how care your curly style hair wig.

Tip one: keep the curly style of hair wig

To achieve this, you can consider use the flat iron or flexi rod. Let us show you how to use flat iron to keep your curly style, use your wide tooth brush or finger to brush your hair firstly, then pre heat your flat iron for a moment, then separate your hair wig into small pieces, spay some water on hair, then use your flat iron roll the hair pieces by pieces, please noticed, keep the tool in a proper temperature adjustable 180°C-210°C, keep the stick on hair for some minutes to maintain the style, for this way, we don’t recommend that you do it frequently, the heat may takes damages to the hair wig. If you are not familiar with this way, we advise that flexi rod, it is more safe.

Tip two: co wash your hair wig frequently

Usually we advise that make the co wash twice one week  with high keeping wet hair product and and care with some Nutritional oil in daily life, it can make your hair very silky, smooth. This tip can also take a great wet look for you. It is easy to make the great wet look, put your hair wig in your mannequin head, then mix water and nutrient oil in a bottle, spay it on hair wig, if you want to style your hairline,use your brush make it, during this process, you can also spay some water, it make hair more wet and manageable.

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