How to Blend Natural Hair with Remy Human Hair Weaves

Many women do not wear best wet and wavy human hair weave because they don’t want to detract from the appearance of their own gorgeously kinky hair. However, while natural hair is undeniably beautiful, it is also extremely difficult to keep maintained on a day to day basis.

To keep your mane lush, you need to regularly condition and moisturize it on a daily basis, treat it with hydrating sprays and serums, and sleep with a silk scarf on. Not only is this difficult to do on a tight schedule, but it’s also expensive.

Using wavy human hair weave, you can give this exhausting routine a bit of a break, and protect your natural hair while you’re at it. And you don’t even have to let go of your naturally kinky look! There are plenty of options in the marketplace that mimic the look of your natural hair flawlessly.

People with Type hair can opt for kinky curly weaves, while those with Type hair can use Afro kinky curly weaves for a seamless look. Here’s how you can blend your natural hair with Remy human hair weaves.

Blend When Your Hair is Damp or Wet

It is highly recommended that you blend your natural hair with your body weave human hair when it is wet or damp. That’s because naturally kinky hair is most pliable when it’s damp. At this stage, the hair is flexible, and allows you to manipulate it well.

Start with wet hair, or use a spray bottle to damp your hair. Then shape and mold the hair into whatever hairstyle you want. If you want a wet and curly look, for instance, make sure to use the shingling method as you use a curl defining style or gel.

Or get curl definition by using a Denman brush. To activate the kinky curly weave’s natural curl pattern, wet the curls down. This also serves to blend your extensions with your natural hair, which conceals any noticeably blunt differences in the length.

Remember, a weave is successful when it’s not obvious!

How to Get a Great Twist-out or a Braid-out

For this style, use curl defining cream or your favorite moisturizer to both your extensions and natural hair. Style your hair as you normally do, while wither twisting or braiding the leave-out with extensions. This lets the curl pattern of the two different textures to combine, so they form together instead of separately.

Make sure to skip on any heavy creams, gels or oils when it comes to the wave. You should only apply these products on your natural hair so you avoid weighing down your extensions through heavy exposure to these ingredients.

The biggest enemy of natural curly hair extensions is excess product; it contributes to stiff, matted and lifeless weaves.

What Can You Expect from This Sort of Blending?

When blending natural hair with Remy human hair weaves, it’s important to remember some things. Firstly, some amount of tangling is inevitable. Secondly, it is normal to see some shedding take place.

Finally, it’s important that you still invest some time on maintenance – weaves are protective, but they still require some amount of care and upkeep.

Remember, as long as you take care of your hair, it will remain healthy and beautiful.

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