How to Apply Wig Glue Correctly?

As we all know, Wig glue is a perfect match for all kind of lace wigs, with the help of it finally we will gain a very natural and nice hairline. Many of us know wig glue, but rarely know how to apply it correctly? Especially most people do it often at home by ourselves, sometimes uncertain things will happen during applying the wig glue. If we can’t do it right, we will have to end up with an indecent look. The following are some tips we have to know before and after applying the wig glue, some details we may never realize or neglect it.

Make sure that we have nice clean skin, this is the very first-step. 

Just like we need to clean our skin thoroughly before skin care, for better absorption and appearance later, a good base is a necessary. If we have oil on our face, it might make the glue lift a little bit suddenly, resulting in the lace can’t stick on our skin well. Can’t imagine this happens suddenly, if we are dating with someone, it will put us in a very embarrassing situation. That’s also why we don’t make up in advance, but after.

Using skin protector firstly before apply the glue on our forehead area. Because we know the glue can be harsh on our skin. This step will protect our skin not harm our skin, if we wear lace wigs a lot, we must learn to take good care of our forehead skin.

Rat-tail comb helps to slide the glue back. 

Remember that don’t back too much where it closes to our hairline. Don’t let the glue to have too much up on our forehead or we will minimize our forehead, small forehead will make us look like we are in a wig. In order to wear wigs for a long time to pursuit beauty.

How many layers of glue should be applied?

 It depends on how long we plan on wearing this wig  Adding the glue, two layers or several layers. For one or two days, two layers of glue are enough. Please note that wait until one layer is clear, then apply another layer again.  

Pulling the lace down when the glue from white to clear. 

When the glue is white, we can see the glue and lace clearly. That’s why we need to go in with a blow dryer, make sure it is on a cool setting always, after the glue is clear and tacky, then put the lace down and use hair scarf or others to tie the wig down for 15 minutes, this is also the method how to get our wig look melted down. 15 minutes later to take it off.

Putting the lace down right here, leave no residue. 

Matching the very front of the hairline to the beginning of where that glued that line that invisible. Don’t keep pulling it down and pulling it up which will make it sticky and nasty, starting leave white residue, it won’t stick as well. Please make sure you won’t do this kind of thing. If we put it back a little bit too far, don’t worry, we can always go back and clean off any excess glue that is left. If you want to press this in the skin, hold the lace a little, just pull don’t press into your skin too hard.

Hope above 5 tips can benefit you during your wig installation.

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