How to Apply Beginner Friendly No Lace Bob Wig

If you asked which kind of wig is the most friendly to hair wig beginner, the answer is - No Lace Wig. It’s the most easiest installing wig ever know. It’s price also is very affordable, Ishow Hair provides no lace bob wig under $60! Here let’s follow the model’s instruction, learn how to apply beginner friendly no lace bob wig.

First, wear a wig cap, put the wig in our heads first to see how it performs on you, if you don’t like the bangs being so full, you can cut it until get the looking you want. Then take off the wig and put it on a wig stand, use hair straightener to straighten the end of wig. Repeat this step for several times to fix hair. If you want restyle wig to wavy pattern, you can also use hair curler on the wig. After this, put the wig on head, use scissors and hair straightener to finally style the hair. Now, we get a perfect no lace short bob wig.


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