Hair Care Tips For Different Hair

Hair differs from person to person and this could range from the curly to the straight ones; the blondes and the brunettes. Even the hair quality and hair colors differ. Science explains that such differences in hair occur because it is inherited from their parents but today it is not the whole story but it is beyond that. There are several other factors beyond genetic factor and they are geographical location of people around the globe and interracial marriages. So obviously the hair treatment also varies. Hair treatment is not one-size-fits-all, it differs from hair to hair.


The three basic types of hair as classified by the scientist are - Ruler straight black hair that are said to be one of the best hair for its resistance to damage and are found with the Asian people who hail from the Orient. Next are the black curly hairs that are associated with Africans. The structure of the strands is twisted. The different environmental factors are responsible for such type of hair. The third type of hair is associated with the Caucasoid group that are found to have the highest percentage of mixture among the three racial groups and these people range from the north-west Europeans to the Indian subcontinent with hair ranging from very pale (blond) to deep black.


Looking at the different shapes of the hair seen around it could classify as Straight hair, Curly/Frizzy hair and Wavy hair. Whatever type or color hair it may be the basic hair care is common and that includes shampooing, using conditioners, and combing and the only distinction is the choice of hair care products that would suit the individual. The hair that is easily managed is straight hair but it is likely to break easily as it can stretch especially when it is wet and on the other hand blow drying would often lead to brittleness and, eventually, breakage.


Taking the case of oily hair that results due to following rigorous activities or sometime it occurs with the teenagers upon reaching the period of adolescence due to active sebaceous glands that is considered natural follow the basic hair treatment. In addition to it extra care can also be taken using hair pack and various other products available in the market under different brand names but care should be taken that you select those products that are mainly for oily hair if your hair is oily. The same is the case with the people with dry hair. It is important that you choose the product well. There numerous products recommended for dry and brittle hair available in the market. Hair packs are also available for dry hair that provides luster and softness to hair and keeps you hair healthy. Besides you can seek dermatologist to extra advice to keep your hair strong and healthy.