Glueless Hair Wig VS Lace Frontal Wig, Which One You Prefer?

With the development of the hair market, there are many hair products show out, today we would like to introduce two hair products to you, it is the lace frontal wig and glueless hair wig, for these two kind of hair wigs, which one do you prefer? Let us show you more details.

What is lace frontal wig?

Talking about the lace frontal wig, usually it refer to the 13*4 and 13*6 lace frontal wig, there are a big lace part in wig frontal part,it is 13*4 inch, 13*6 inch size, it is one of our hot selling hair wig in our store, many customers love it.

What is glueless hair wig?

The glueless hair wig is one of new kind of hair product, it was  designed to meet customer various need. This kind of hair wig has not eatra lace part, it has a natural cutted lace, also a wig band in lace part of the hair wig. When you got this wig, you don’t have to cut the lace as your hairline, you can wear it directly.

Similarities between lace frontal wig and glueless hair wig

Both two hair wigs are 100% human virgin hair, come from young head, you can dye, bleach, straighten and restyle the hair as your need. Due to high quality hair material, it is no shedding and tangle with good car, also you can use it long time,6-8 months.

For both two hair wigs, we have 8-30 inch in stock, enough stock, if you want a longer inch, we can customize it for you. About wig density, 150, 180 density is available, if you want the higher density, 200 or 250 density, we will offer free wig customize service. About the wig style, straight, body wave, deep wave, loose deep wave, kinky curly, water wave and yaki straight 7 styles is available, we highly recommend three style, it is straight, body wave and loose deep wave, it is good choice for wig beginner.

Differences between lace frontal wig and glueless hair wig

1 Different wearing way

For lace frontal wig, after you got this wig, you need to cut the extra lace part as your hairline, this is not a easy work, some customers usually ask stylist make this for you, also you need to use glue during wear the hair wig. If you use it, it is not easy to get off the hair wig, you need to sleep with the hair wig, pay more time on care hair wig.

While for glueless hair wig, after you got this wig, you can just install it, no glue, no gel, use the hair band to set the hair wig, you can take off the hair wig early after you back to home, don’t need to use a sleeping cap to cover the wig. It ca save you more time.

2 Different wig option

Now for lace frontal wig, we have 13*4 and 13*6 two choices, for glueless hair wig, we have 4*4 and 13*4 two choices, you can choose this as your need.

Now it is our Halloween Big Sale, both two wigs on deal, if you look for a new hair wig, you can consider these two.

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