Full Lace Hair Wig VS Lace Frontal Wig, Which One You Prefer?

Talking about human hair wig, how many kind of hair wig style will show up in your mind? If you have no clear on this, please follow us, let us introduce different human hair wig styles for you, there are seven different categories, lace frontal hair wig, lace closure hair wig, full lace hair wig, short bob hair wig, headband hair wig, V part hair wig, machine hair wig with bangs. Today let us focus on two styles, full lace hair wig and lace frontal hair wig.

What is full lace hair wig?

The full lace hair wig is one kind of human hair wig which constructed by a covering whole head lace part, it is skilled worker weave the hair pieces by pieces in lace part, will take longer time and cost more manpower to make, so the price will be higher than other kind of hair wig, but it can take a very natural look.

What is lace frontal hair wig?

There are three different kinds of lace frontal wig, 13*4 lace frontal, 13*6 lace frontal and 360 lace frontal, each style has different size lace part, this kind of hair wig is most best selling one in Ishow hair store, compare with full lace hair wig, it have a smaller lace part which mainly base on frontal part of hair wig, in lace part, it is wig elastic net.

Similarities between full lace hair wig and lace frontal hair wig

Wig material:both two hair wigs are 100% human virgin hair, unprocessed human hair, with good and correct care, no shedding, tangle free, you can also dyed the hair wig into other color.

Wig density: 150%, 180%, plus higher density can be customized.

Wig length : 10-26 inch length, plus longer inch can also be customized

Wig color: natural black and 613 blonde color

Wig lace part: HD transparent lace part, great quality, can melt with skin very well

Wig cap size: 22.5 average cap size.

Hair style: body wave, straight hair, loose deep wave, deep wave, water wave and curly hair.

Other wig characteristics: both two hair wig are pre-plucked, have baby hair, come with adjustable strap and combs, you can use these to make your installment more natural.

Differences between full lace hair wig and lace frontal hair wig

The big difference is on lace part size, full lace hair wig have a bigger one than lace frontal wig, that is one big reason why full lace hair wig price is high. You can use this big lace part to make more hair styles. If full lace hair wig is 90% of hand made hair wig, maybe lace frontal wig is 50%. if you are a wig beginner, we would like to recommend lace frontal wig to you, more affordable price but still good quality.

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