Choosing the right style of wig to suit your face shape

When purchasing and wearing a lace wig it is important to feel confident and good about how you look and feel in the wig. The shape of the face dictates a lot of how the wig will look on a person. To find the perfect wig can take some time and some trial and error. However, we has produced a guide to facial shapes, allowing for people to consider their face when choosing their wig.

You should always consider your facial shape when choosing your human hair wig or hair piece. For example, the most common face shape is oval. The forehead, cheek bones, jaw line and chin are in perfectly balanced proportion, which generally means that any hair style will suit the face shape and look great. However, for other facial shapes this may not be suitable. For example: for narrow, oblong faces and people wanting to create the illusion of a more oval face choose a style that offers soft curls and waves adding width and fullness at the sides, giving your face a fuller shape. A fringe will also help shorten the facial appearance by adding softness.

For people with a round face the face tends to be quite short and broad with rounded contours adding height to the top of the crown will help enhance the face shape making it appear slimmer. Usually, short, layered or wispy cuts flatter a round face with the avoidance of fringes and added volume and width at the side, which can make the face appear more rounded.

People who have a broad forehead and cheek bones with a wide chin have what is called a square face. Usually people with this shape face want to lessen the effects of the angles and soften their face. Do this by adding height on top, combing hair off the forehead and narrowing the sides by perhaps trying a curly mid-length wig with layers. This should also help to create the illusion of length to the face.

The diamond shape face is typical of having a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheek bones. Bob hairstyles work fantastically for this shape by balancing the width of the face with more fullness at the chin. Added volume at the sides along the cheek line should be avoided. A sleek hairstyle is whats best for the diamond face shape with a suggestion to add a fringe to disguise a narrow forehead. Similar advice can be given for the heart shape face, however for the opposite effect use a fringe to disguise and soften the wide forehead typically found with heart shape faces. Try avoiding short hair and choppy layers with a heart shape face as this can accentuate the wide cheek bone area and pointed chin. The most flattering hairstyle for this shape is a pageboy type as well as subtle layers to soften and elongate the face.

The least common shape of face is the pear, it is widest at the chin and jaw line and narrow at the hairline and forehead. For this, a full layered hairstyle adding volume and width from the eyes to the crown are the most flattering of style, deflecting attention away from the middle of the face. Classic shag hairstyles are recommended.