Black Friday Big Sale On Colored Human Hair Wig

Black Friday big sale is coming, did you find out what hair you want to order this time? If you still have confusion, we would like highly recommend our best selling colored human hair wig. During the sale, we have the unlimited 17% off deal on this wig, code is SU17, low to 52 dollars. If you have any interest, please follow us.

Colored human hair wig is recent fashion trend among black women. It can make your look more special and charming. We have various color options online. Here we would like recommend three kinds of colored wig to you all.

First: Auburn reddish brown color human hair wig

This colored wig looks like mix the natural brown and ginger orange two colors. The color is very beautiful and natural, it is a great choice for winner which can make your whole look more grace and elegant. Now we have body wave style online, if you want other styles, we will provide free customize service. Both 13*4 lace frontal and 13*6*1 T lace part is available. For wig density, we have 150 and 180 two options.

Second: Red color human hair wig

If 99j color wig can take the implicit beauty, then red color hair wig can make your look more bright and attractive. It is one kind of bright red color, very different with 99j color. Image that, wearing a red color wig , how attractive you will be. Now we have straight and body wave available, if you are first time try this color, body wave will be better. We provide 8-32 inch wig length, 150, 180 and 200 three wig density. During black Friday sale, we advise that you take a long and high density one, you can get it with a great price.

Third: 99j burgundy with 613 blonde highlights human hair wig

The whole wig is 99j burgundy color,except frontal part, there are two pieces of 613 blonde color hair. This design can make your look more special. Compared with pure 99j burgundy color wig, this skunk stripe wig is more best selling in our store recently. We have straight and body wave two styles online. For wig length, it is 8-32 inch, for wig density, it is 150, 180 and 200 three wig density. If you have used the 99j burgundy color wig before, this time, we advise that you have a try this wig. With 17% off deal, it is low to 84 dollars.

Expect these three wigs, we have also other fashion colored wig. If yo still looking for a great wig with a affordable price, don’t miss this Black Friday sale, just contact us freely.