5 Rules You Should Know Before Getting Human Hair Extensions

Planning on getting hair extensions for the first time?

Not so fast!

Human hair weaves are an excellent way to switch up your style while simultaneously protecting your hair. That said, they’re not entirely fuss-free. There are some things you’ll need to consider when opting for human hair extensions.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Your Weave Should Match Your Lifestyle

There are three major types of weaves, and your choice should reflect the life you lead. Clip hair extensions are the most popular beginner style – they’re extremely easy to use, and can be attached and take out whenever you want. This is the right option for you if you like to change up your style a lot. Then there are tape hair extensions, which use powerful adhesives to fix the weave to your hair for up to two months. If you enjoy changing up your hair color, these could be the right option for you. Finally, there’s keratin, which involves the attachments being bound to your hair via advanced processes. These last for months on end, and should be used by people comfortable with keeping a certain look for a long time. 

2. Make Sure the Weave Matches Your Real Hair

Your remy human hair weave is doing its job right when people can’t tell you’re wearing it. That’s why it’s so important that you get the shade right. When the colors don’t match, it becomes painfully obvious that you’re wearing a weave.

Match the color of the brazilian human hair weave with the ends of your own hair. One thing to keep in mind is that most hair is not the same color consistently. They’re usually mixed, with lighter and darker shades throughout. Make sure your weave matches with the most prominent shade in your hair.

3. Don’t Skimp on the Price

Synthetic weaves may be the most wallet-friendly, but they look as cheap as they cost! These weaves tend to easily tangle, and they have an unnatural looking luster. One step above is non-virgin human hair, but this has undergone some sort of chemical treatment like dying, which damages it. The best quality extensions are virgin remy human hair weaves. These will match your real hair closest, and will hold styles better. Plus, they won’t shed or get tangled as easily. 

4. Maintain Your Extensions

Don’t skip out on washing and conditioning your extensions regularly. Human hair weave bundles need to be washed after every eighth installation. Don’t use harsh products – make sure your shampoos and conditioners are parable and sulfate free. Additionally, comb them out regularly to remove tangles. 

5. Don’t Wear Your Weaves for Too Long

If your weaves are supposed to last six weeks, avoid wearing them for any longer than that, or you could cause breakage to your real hair. Make sure your weaves aren’t too heavy, since weighed down hair will also be prone to damage.

And unless you’ve opted for the clip hair weaves, or have experience with removing them, don’t remove your extensions yourself – you could cause damage. As for clip hair extensions, you’ll need to remove them every night before you go to sleep.

Now that you’ve understood the underlying rules of human hair weaves, go forth and rock them!

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