4 Things to Avoid After Getting Luxury Hair Extensions

Getting luxury hair extensions is an exciting way to change up your hairstyle and give your genuine hair some protection. But you can’t just get the extensions and call it a day!

There are some activities you’ll have to avoid post cheap hair extensions in order to preserve their vibrancy and life. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Don’t use products containing silicone

Avoid shampoos and conditioners with silicone, as well as with parabens or other harmful chemicals. Look around for products that are “curly girl” approved – these don’t foam, and clean your hair without loosening the human hair extensions or damaging the hair strands.

You should also avoid washing your hair within the first two days of installation. While you do need to wash your remy hair extensions regularly, avoid over-washing at all costs – it will wear out the extensions and make them look dull. Use dry shampoo in between washes.

Don’t let your luxury hair extensions get tangled

If there is one thing that will reduce the life expectancy of your gorgeous hair extensions, it’s a lack of maintenance. You need to comb out your hair regularly so it doesn’t get matted and tangled. However, do not use ordinary brushes for this! Use paddle brushes or specially designed real hair extension brushes to protect your hair as your brushing at out.

Avoid over-brushing, since this will only pull the hair right out of the extensions. And keep your hair plaited or braided at bed time to minimize tangles. Tangled hair is prone to breakage and dullness; keep your hair tangle-free so it remains as vibrant and healthy as the day you bought it.

Don’t skip out on protective products

This is a cardinal sin! Skipping out on hair products can lead to your extensions getting damaged. So if you’re going to straighten out those luxury hair extensions, for example, use a heat protector first to avoid damage.

You should also use nutritional hair masks if you need to take a dip in salt water or chemically treated pool water – these waters could break the bonds down and make the extensions slip out. However, remember point number 1 at all times: do not use any products will silicone in them!

Don’t constantly keep them in

It may work for Naomi Campbell, but constantly keeping natural hair extensions in can lead to pain and headaches, and eventually even balding! Let your scalp breathe every once in a while, and take breaks between weaves so your scalp and hair get a chance to recover.

Weaves may be a protective hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean you can just leave them in for good. Remove clip extensions every night before bed, and get tape extensions removed by a stylist after a few weeks. That should keep your hair healthy.

And don’t skip out on appointments with certified and trained stylists! The longer you keep your extensions in, the likelier that they will cause breakage to your real hair.

Avoid these major don’ts, and you’ll find your luxury hair extensions last for years!